Brain Test Number Two


Which do you like best? Is it Sunrise Or Sunset?

There’s no wrong answer. It just shows how your brain works.



Destin : Juxtaposed

Destin  : Juxtaposed

We are home now, and Destin, Florida is in our rear view mirror, along with about a thousand million, fourteen thousand and five hundred and seven Snowbirds like us. According to the Highway Patroll statistics only twelve of us could actually drive. From what I experienced they over estimated somewhat. The speed limit from Mobile to Birmingham was seventy miles per hour. We averaged 24.4 miles per hour. Those Interstates are a modern miracle aren’t they : and so GREEN!! Puke!!!
Sorry about that but we just survived a cloverleaf yield situation with a semi up our tail going sixty in a 35 mile per hour zone. It’s kind like a Pitbull on a Yorkie ; watch ya gonna do?
Thankfully there seemed to be no major injuries, only a bunch of jerks tailgaiting and running into backsides and losing track of the road. The result was one lane roads for tens of miles going slowly and often standing still.
We finally made it home safe and sound and had great weather for a couple days until the Great storm came. covering much of the country, thus the pic in the prior blog.
Now we have seven inches of snow not counting the drifts. It’s 27 degrees outside.
My wife checked her I phone and it’ 72 degrees in Destin right now. Flip those numbers. That’s juxtaposed. You can’t make this stuff up. I guess you can, but you don’t have to.
Take a peek at the fire too. It’s for real and was taken within sixty seconds of the outside pics.
Talk about juxtaposed!

Destin : I miss you

Destin  : I miss you

We got back from Destin, Florida last Sunday.
I thought I was just exhausted on the way down, since we left at eleven p.m. and drove all night By the time we arrived it was clear, illness was upon me. My wife had the bug the week before, but since I am Superman , there was no way it would affect me.
The first three days were spent trying to sleep to heal for three hours at a time, and then stumble around like some one just released from a prison camp, trying to have vacation fun. After that it was back to bed for three hours or so and then stumble around for a couple hours or so pretending to enjoy myself.
My wife was of course completely fooled. That’s a total fabrication, since we have been together since before Dinosaurs roamed the Earth. She was as patient as she could be, with a man like me who cannot suffer alone, but finds it necessary to make sure everyone with nearby zip codes knows how I suffer.
The day before our return my come back began just as my wife had predicted. Nurse Good Body doesn’t know me much better than I know my self.
Oh : did I mention it was thirty six degrees when we arrived. Are you serious right now. I’m sick and shivering and it’s bordering on freezing. Wow : this is great fun!
The day before our return life began to flow through me again, with energy and enthusiasm, and a wonderful vacation it was after all. The temps were in the sixties and the fantasy vacation became a reality.
The picture you see was taken today. That’s not white sand, it’s snow.
Destin I miss you!