It may seem corny but !!???

1. Why can’t the clerk at the check out counter count?

2. Why can’t average Americans speak grammatically correct English, while people I have met in other countries speak it fluently?

3. Why do we spend more money on helping people buy food than anyone in the world, and have the worst obesity problem in the world?

4.Why do people set their thermostats on 78 degrees, and wear short sleeve shirts and shorts and no socks or shoes.

5.. Why do these same people get uptight about too much carbon emissions damaging the Earth.

6. Why do we spend more money on daycare in high schools, than we do on teaching young men and women, that having babies before they are prepared to care for them is not a good idea.

7.Why do people drive through parking lots like they’re in the Indianapolis 500? Let’s see; there are blind spots, and old people, and children, and it’s against the law to not give pedestrians the right away in commercial parking lots. It also seems dangerous to me.

8. Why did I get passed by an officer of the law recently, who was speeding while tailgating, and changing lanes without signaling, and texting on his cell phone?

9. Why do I have to fill out papers, asking about my race and ethnicity with only a few options , none of which apply? Why am I forced to define my self as Caucasian , when my father had an Afro at thirteen and his mother was part American Indian.

10. Why do people insist there is no difference, between the way a woman’s mind works and the way a man’s mind works?




Lazy bones on a Saturday in bed

Momma’s in the kitchen, cookin’ bread

Tryin’ hard to do it just right

Tryin’ hard to follow the light

Down that road

With that load

It seems like a thousand years ago

He took her to a picture show

The movie and the popcorn did their charm

When they walked out she was on his arm

Down that road with that load

Months later ole Lazy bones was born

Months after that his dad was gone

She kept on doing what she could

Wantin’ bad for things to be good

Down that road

With that load

Lazy bones wakes up smellin’ bread

A six year old smile and a teddy bear named Fred

They hug , kiss and snuggle to their souls

She pours some milk, he eats the bread, they go

Down that road

With that load

Down that road

With that load