I was sitting in one of my favorite watering holes a few years ago. Next to me sat a young man in his twenties. We had known each other for a few years. We met in this pub, and had no relationship outside of it.

We often enjoyed talking about all kinds of things. The list included life in general, politics, sports, women, religion, history etc. We disagreed on most everything except sports and women.

That’s quite interesting, now that I think about.

One subject we are very far apart on is religion. He knows I am a Christian. How does he know this? In the midst of one of our discussions he asked me. I did not announce it, I simply confirmed what he thought. Actually, now that I recall it, his question was as much an accusation as a question.

I enjoy talking to people about politics, religion, love and marriage and such. Most people become emotional about these subjects, especially if you disagree with them. That’s no doubt why it is said, that you should not speak about them in bars.

Now I have called the same building a watering hole, a pub and a bar.

This goes along with why I disagree with the premise, that you should not talk about these things in bars.

There… I’ve decided on a name. It’s a bar.

Knowing a little bit about the history of our Country causes me to take this stance.

In the 18th and 19th centuries there were buildings that served as bars, hotels, restaurants, stagecoach stops, hardware stores, and more. They were even used as courtrooms, and people were married in them.

It was these types of buildings where community affairs took place. In the 18th century much discussion took place about how our new Country should be structured. The Military even used them to recruit.

Many people could not read or write, so these gathering places served as a communications center, where people learned what was going on in the world.

Sure there were misunderstandings and arguments. Andrew Jackson was supposedly often involved in such behavior.

Well, for some reason we’re not supposed to do that today. We do it anyway.

The young man and I were deep in discussion, enhanced by the big head start he had on me in the beer drinking contest. We weren’t having a contest, but he didn’t seem to know that. The subject was religion. Once again it wasn’t my idea.

I don’t even remember what year it was, but I do remember that he kept insisting, that he didn’t believe in God, and that he was an agnostic. I tried to explain to him that if he truly did not believe in the existence of God, then he was an atheist. I told him that an agnostic didn’t believe it was possible to prove the existence of God. He was having none of it, and like anyone who has no basis for his position, he changed the subject. In his mind he probably didn’t think he did, but he did.

He pointed at a Crucifix hanging just to the left of the bar mirror.


Why does almost every bar have a mirror? Is it so you can see what you look like when you are drunk? Maybe it’s so you can see what other people look like when they are drunk. Actually, I think it’s so you can check people out, without having to interact unless you choose to. It’s kind of like electronic social media.

At any rate he said,”You probably like that cross, don’t you”? He’s one of those people who think the word God should be erased from our money, and buildings, and I guess our entire culture. I’ve told him simply not to look, but that’s not good enough.

“Joe”, I told him. “That’s not a cross, it’s a Crucifix.

“Cross- Crucifix, what’s the difference?!”

“I told him a cross is a shape, and a Crucifix is a cross with the body of Christ on it”.

This banter went on for a while, and the people within earshot probably thought we were stupid for even getting into this discussion.

He never could get my point, and I left soon afterwards. I’m sure he won the beer drinking contest.

The odd thing is, the bar owner bought the bar from his family. He was raised Catholic. The Crucifix was left over from that era. He’s an atheist now, and I’m surprised he hasn’t taken it down, since he once told me that the word God and all religious symbols should be removed from money, and buildings, and all public places.

I have reminded him, that our ancestors etched that name, and those symbols in stone, and forged them in bronze, and other materials,  strongly implying that they were very important to them. It would also be a very difficult task to remove them all.

Did you ever hear of the Reformation?

I never did ask him if he knew the difference between a cross and a Crucifix. The question would make him angry.

Psychologists tell us, anger comes from fear.

Why is he so afraid?

Picture credits go to Wikopedia


Unicorn sighting # 2

Unicorn sighting # 2

I just wanted you to know that I happened upon another Unicorn.

He, or she, or however that works out in Unicorns, is stone looking, like the other one I met recently. He doesn’t move though, and lives in a weird place as you can tell from his neighbors.

That little guy in the upper left with the cone hat said, they have been living here since the sixthteenth century. That would explain why Uni, ” he said he didn’t mind if I called him Uni”, looks a little worse for the wear. He’s real out of shape as you can see from his paunch, and his energy level just isn’t there.

Also, there is no Billy Goat beard Like the first one I met had. It’s a whole different deal here.

I didn’t stick around to find out more, because those characters made me feel very uncomfortable. It was kind of like…? I don’t know… bad art or something.

Well, at least you know, that since I have proven already that there truly are Unicorns, I’m continuing on with more documentation.

The guy in the cone hat told me there are more in the area. I don’t know if I can trust him. Most of the folks around him seem a little crazy to me.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m excited about the possibility of more sightings, since that would support my MultiCorn theory.

Just so you know, this is going to hinder my Bigfoot search somewhat. I’ll multi task as best I can, but I may be hot on the trail of discoveries of historic proportion.

My Dog and History


It’s a New Year now, and time to come clean about some things.

I have often written about my best friend Little Bear. She has been used in several posts. A couple times without her permission, I must confess.
I have even misrepresented her gender; a venial sin at least in this time of over kill political correctness.
You must admit though, that she is very photogenic. If I had used pictures of myself I’d still be waiting for my first view.

Here’s the thing though. Her name is not Little Bear. It sort of is, but not exactly. Bear with me here. I know that was terrible, but desperate world famous writers, must do desperate things to wade through their own delusions.
Her real name is…… {drum roll here}…. Uschi!
Uschi? Are you serious right now? Is that Japanese, or Chinese or American Indian, or what? Surprise! Surprise! It’s German.
Here’s how it all happened.

Someone in our house got Dog fever real bad. You can probably guess, it wasn’t my wife. She’s somewhat younger than me, and her immune system is stronger, so she was able to fight it off. She loves dogs, but wasn’t ready for a giant new baby in the house. I was oblivious to the ramifications of such a project, and that’s why I spelled Dog with a capital letter. I didn’t want a dog, I wanted a Dog.
In order to entice my wife to go along with a new pup, I offered her naming rights. I held onto veto power though, just in case she came up with something like… like…., well I don’t know exactly, but just in case.
She came up with a brilliant idea. She doesn’t know me much better than I know myself.
When our daughter was an undergraduate student, one of her professors was from Germany and named Uschi. She was an extraordinary woman, and gave my daughter advice that changed her life and as a result ours also.
Uschi is a diminutive of Ursala which means little girl bear. Ursala is diminutive of the Latin Ursa meaning little bear. How can a larger word be a diminutive of a smaller word? I have so much to learn.
The picture of Uschi taken about a week after we first met, shows the cutie factor I had to deal with. One of my friends said, ” shes going to be pretty big when she grows into those ears.

The beautiful Picture is of the martyr Ursala around four hundred A.D. I don’t remember what she died for,but because of her fame her name became popular from that day forward.
That’s how my best friend Uschi became a part of history.

I took this first picture tomorrow, since all the bad weather coming our way will make it unpleasant to go out side. I just wanted you to see what Uschi will look like after the great storm hits.


Uschi   6 2012 021



Are you going to believe what you’ve been told most of your life, or what you see before your eyes?
As children we all saw the drawings and paintings and animated movies about Unicorns. Then as we grew older, we learned that many stories we were told in those tender years just weren’t so.
Santa Clause became dicey. I still believe in him.
The Easter Bunny became a little hard to buy.
Halloween: now what’s that all about. Some pagan ritual we were told.
What about the Tooth Fairy? We pretended, because like Santa we got stuff for free if we played dumb.
I too doubted. Then one day I took a walk with my camera hoping to get some good nature shots. I happened upon a seldom used path and walked right upon on this guy.
Well now; is he a guy or a gal? How does all that work out with Unicorns? Also is there only one? If not; shouldn’t they be called MultiCorns?
There he was anyway, looking right at me with that frozen but noble look on his face.
We stared at each other for a moment or two and then he hopped upon that pedastel as if he’d done it forever. Forever: what a thought.
He posed proudly with that big old thing that looked like a plaque or reward he had received for some unknown but apparently very important reason. It was amazing how still he sat while I took pictures from every angle I could. It was almost as if he was chiseled from stone. Perhaps I happened upon the only Unicorn Mime in the world.
I wanted to ask about his horn, that looked more like rebar than the cow calcium type one would expect.
Also his beard looked so goat like that I wondered if there might be one in his wood pile. Maybe that should be brush pile. Myth and genetics and stuff is so confusing.
His blue face makeup made we wonder if, he was an extra in Braveheart. You must admit he looks familiar.
I tuned away for just minute or so to change the film in my digital camera and when I looked back he was gone. Even the pedestal was missing, and only a seldom used path through the woods remained. I would have thought I was hallucinating or something, but once my digital film was developed I realized that it really happened.
After all; are you going to believe what you’ve been told or your own eyes?
There are Unicorns.
Now I’m excited about my Bigfoot search. Tomorrow will be spent researching
night vision stuff and motion detector cameras and those green light thingys.
Does anyone know how much duct tape I may need?