Unicorn sighting # 2

Unicorn sighting # 2

I just wanted you to know that I happened upon another Unicorn.

He, or she, or however that works out in Unicorns, is stone looking, like the other one I met recently. He doesn’t move though, and lives in a weird place as you can tell from his neighbors.

That little guy in the upper left with the cone hat said, they have been living here since the sixthteenth century. That would explain why Uni, ” he said he didn’t mind if I called him Uni”, looks a little worse for the wear. He’s real out of shape as you can see from his paunch, and his energy level just isn’t there.

Also, there is no Billy Goat beard Like the first one I met had. It’s a whole different deal here.

I didn’t stick around to find out more, because those characters made me feel very uncomfortable. It was kind of like…? I don’t know… bad art or something.

Well, at least you know, that since I have proven already that there truly are Unicorns, I’m continuing on with more documentation.

The guy in the cone hat told me there are more in the area. I don’t know if I can trust him. Most of the folks around him seem a little crazy to me.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m excited about the possibility of more sightings, since that would support my MultiCorn theory.

Just so you know, this is going to hinder my Bigfoot search somewhat. I’ll multi task as best I can, but I may be hot on the trail of discoveries of historic proportion.




There is a modest flat around the corner from this building. I stayed in that flat for two weeks, while visiting my daughter and roaming around Edinburgh Scotland, and as much of that Country as I could figure out how to see.

On the first morning I began the twenty minute walk to see her, and passed this place and it caught my eye. I don’t know if it was the red doors or the architecture or perhaps the trash cans.

At first I couldn’t tell what the building was used for, but then I noticed the brass, gold looking letters, that said, ” Cloisters Bar”. Now, I was very interested, and saw the ” All Saints Parsonage ” on raised letters above the door. Really, every single Saint?

I hurriedly fetched my camera and took this picture. I wish now that more time had been taken, because it’s a beautiful and quaint place.

After a long day On the town, with darkness approaching and a thirst coming on, I stopped by, and hesitantly entered the red doors. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Where I come from if you put up a sign that says Bar, it is mandatory to have neon signs in the window that say Budweiser, or Coors or something close to that.

Now, what is a Parsonage? It is a place where the Minister or Parson lives. There are older definitions, but we shall save them for a later snooty blog, that shows off my knowledge of History, Religion, and, well, you know; JUST HOW AMAZING I AM!

Inside the atmosphere was pleasant, with a lot of wood and brass, and interesting pictures and posters, and a wide choice of beers and whiskeys. There was a large chalk board on the wall that was changed daily, and told about the beers and whiskeys available. It listed their alcohol content, ingredients, and of course price.

This is common in Scotland. You can learn where the ” Nectar of the Gods ” originated, and be guided towards something that suites your taste. The bartenders are extremely knowledgeable about their products, and can explain how climate, proximity to the sea, and soil and weather, affect the taste of the drink.

I stopped in there several evenings and, met laborers, professors and of course the bartenders. There were many nice people and some wonderful discussions. They even had a special beer, that a local brewery makes for them,
called,” The Holy Grail.” I bought a T-shirt that says, ” I FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL AT THE THE CLOISTERS BAR “.

So, there you go. Secularism creeps in , and a Parsonage becomes a Bar.

My daughter attends a church, that was once a retail shop. From the outside you can’t tell what’s inside.

Nothing stays the same.

I’m just glad, I found “THE HOLY GRAIL” at The Cloisters Bar.



City birds and country birds are a lot different. City birds have a shortage of traditional food sources. Berries are scarce, as are worms, bugs, and water.

They have to make do on whatever scraps the humans waste. Fortunately for them, humans waste a lot of food. Trash cans and streets outside restaurants are great places to forage.

I met this fellow outside a modern high rise made almost entirely of concrete. I didn’t get his name, so lets just call him Raven.

His ancestors would never have been caught dead in an environment like this. Actually, they would have been dead in an environment like this.

They had skills that Raven has lost. He has skills that they did not have.

It’s much like humans. The folks who understand nature survive much differently than their relatives who understand urban ways.

Raven has just noticed a Restaurant in this big concrete building.

Scotland 10-11 Randy 063

He’s going to read the menu, and then decide whether to move on or not.

Scotland 10-11 Randy 064 He has adapted quite well as you can tell from his plump breast.

City birds have to eat too.


Lazy bones on a Saturday in bed

Momma’s in the kitchen, cookin’ bread

Tryin’ hard to do it just right

Tryin’ hard to follow the light

Down that road

With that load

It seems like a thousand years ago

He took her to a picture show

The movie and the popcorn did their charm

When they walked out she was on his arm

Down that road with that load

Months later ole Lazy bones was born

Months after that his dad was gone

She kept on doing what she could

Wantin’ bad for things to be good

Down that road

With that load

Lazy bones wakes up smellin’ bread

A six year old smile and a teddy bear named Fred

They hug , kiss and snuggle to their souls

She pours some milk, he eats the bread, they go

Down that road

With that load

Down that road

With that load