There is a modest flat around the corner from this building. I stayed in that flat for two weeks, while visiting my daughter and roaming around Edinburgh Scotland, and as much of that Country as I could figure out how to see.

On the first morning I began the twenty minute walk to see her, and passed this place and it caught my eye. I don’t know if it was the red doors or the architecture or perhaps the trash cans.

At first I couldn’t tell what the building was used for, but then I noticed the brass, gold looking letters, that said, ” Cloisters Bar”. Now, I was very interested, and saw the ” All Saints Parsonage ” on raised letters above the door. Really, every single Saint?

I hurriedly fetched my camera and took this picture. I wish now that more time had been taken, because it’s a beautiful and quaint place.

After a long day On the town, with darkness approaching and a thirst coming on, I stopped by, and hesitantly entered the red doors. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Where I come from if you put up a sign that says Bar, it is mandatory to have neon signs in the window that say Budweiser, or Coors or something close to that.

Now, what is a Parsonage? It is a place where the Minister or Parson lives. There are older definitions, but we shall save them for a later snooty blog, that shows off my knowledge of History, Religion, and, well, you know; JUST HOW AMAZING I AM!

Inside the atmosphere was pleasant, with a lot of wood and brass, and interesting pictures and posters, and a wide choice of beers and whiskeys. There was a large chalk board on the wall that was changed daily, and told about the beers and whiskeys available. It listed their alcohol content, ingredients, and of course price.

This is common in Scotland. You can learn where the ” Nectar of the Gods ” originated, and be guided towards something that suites your taste. The bartenders are extremely knowledgeable about their products, and can explain how climate, proximity to the sea, and soil and weather, affect the taste of the drink.

I stopped in there several evenings and, met laborers, professors and of course the bartenders. There were many nice people and some wonderful discussions. They even had a special beer, that a local brewery makes for them,
called,” The Holy Grail.” I bought a T-shirt that says, ” I FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL AT THE THE CLOISTERS BAR “.

So, there you go. Secularism creeps in , and a Parsonage becomes a Bar.

My daughter attends a church, that was once a retail shop. From the outside you can’t tell what’s inside.

Nothing stays the same.

I’m just glad, I found “THE HOLY GRAIL” at The Cloisters Bar.


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