City birds and country birds are a lot different. City birds have a shortage of traditional food sources. Berries are scarce, as are worms, bugs, and water.

They have to make do on whatever scraps the humans waste. Fortunately for them, humans waste a lot of food. Trash cans and streets outside restaurants are great places to forage.

I met this fellow outside a modern high rise made almost entirely of concrete. I didn’t get his name, so lets just call him Raven.

His ancestors would never have been caught dead in an environment like this. Actually, they would have been dead in an environment like this.

They had skills that Raven has lost. He has skills that they did not have.

It’s much like humans. The folks who understand nature survive much differently than their relatives who understand urban ways.

Raven has just noticed a Restaurant in this big concrete building.

Scotland 10-11 Randy 063

He’s going to read the menu, and then decide whether to move on or not.

Scotland 10-11 Randy 064 He has adapted quite well as you can tell from his plump breast.

City birds have to eat too.


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