I went back into my hole, just like I promised you in my last post. Mom told me to do that, if I saw my shadow. I remember it well, because it got real cold when Mom climbed up to check on things. All winter she laid on top of me, blocking the cold air and warming me with her body. She was a good Mom.

I would whine and complain when the cold hit. She would look down at me and say, “Phill, you will have to do this yourself someday, so grow up and watch what I do”. She sounded like Grandpa when she talked like that. He was around a lot until one day he was just gone. Mom never told me me why, and I miss him.

Dad didn’t stay around long. When I asked about him Mom would just say he was holed up somewhere.

So, I burrowed my way back into the hole I called home, and set the alarm on my smart phone for six weeks. I don’t know why it had to be six weeks, but that’s the way our family had done it forever.

I kicked a little dirt and leaves in behind me to block the cold. It wasn’t as good as Mom, but a lot better than nothing. Snooze..Snooze…Snooze; that was my plan.

I had never dreamed before. I don’t even know what a dream is, but that night I saw the past. The day before I had gone to sleep for the winter, the beauty of the leaves had peaked. Mom And Grandpa had taught me about that. When that happens it’s time to go underground for some heavy rest.

In my dreams I saw that day, and it seemed so real. So real; that I woke up thinking it was that day. Did you ever do that?

It turns out my smart phone was set for six hours instead of six weeks. I poked my head out and crawled back in, wishing that I had my Grandpa’s instincts instead of this new technology. It’s great for texting that cute girl I noticed in the next yard last fall. But these computer models are created by people who never stick their head out of the hole.

Worst of all; I got no bars in this cold hole.


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