I be watching you!

This is a Cooper’s Hawk, and that’s exactly what he’s thinking.

A Cooper’s Hawk is about eleven or twelve inches tall and less common than some of the larger Hawks around these parts. I like to capitalize Hawk, because I really like them. Hawks and Eagles are like warrior birds. That’s probably why there are so many stories and songs and mythology about them.

This one hung around our place for a couple seasons, but I could never get a good shot of him. I think he must have eyes like a hawk.

Finally one day several years ago I got lucky, and took these pics through my office window.

Is it really thinking he’s up to, when he’s so locked on to just finding something to eat? It’s all about staying alive. Sure; he’s processing, but just how that takes place regarding brain synapses, and the way we perceive thinking, I’m not so sure.

Where does a Buddhist Monk go, when he stops his breathing and heart beat for hours or even days?

We feed the birds and have a Koi pond and lots of cover for his prey to hide, and also for him.

He’s in a Mulberry tree with English Ivy around him.

Oh! Oh!: He’s spotted something. Did you see his head turn?


Do I have to show you everything?

He’s about ready to spring into action. The result is going to get your attention.

You have to wait until another post to see what happens. It’s kind of like a soap opera.

I learned that from years of show business. Never give em what they want.[ That’s how we talk in southern Indiana]. Always leave them wanting more.

I be watching you. I’m a patient predator.


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