Giant Minatures

Giant Minatures

I practiced Bonsai for twenty years or so. It’s a very rewarding hobby.
The trouble is; it’s a lot of work.
At one point there were over a hundred Bonsai trees, bushes, and flowering plants inside and out side of my home.
Eventually I had to make to come to grips with the fact that, I could not take care of them all, and still eat and sleep do all the other life stuff that needed to be done.
One by one they fell by the way side and, either died or became plants that could no longer be recognized as Bonsai.

One day while running or walking I noticed the most beautiful giant oak tree, standing alone at the edge of a pasture. It was untouched by man, but was pruned and trained by God into a magnificent thing of beauty.
A friend once asked what the difference was between Bonsai and Topiary.
Topiary is the simple shaping of a plant into any shape.
Bonsai literally means a Tree in a tray. In other words; shaping a plant until it is
a miniature version of itself.
I realized that there were countless mature trees and plants already to enjoy.
I began to take pictures of my favorites and eventually came up with the phrase: Giant Miniatures.
I was on a walk with my wife and she once again said I was crazy and sounded like Yogi Berra
I won’t argue that point at all. There is a pattern.
There are also giant miniatures.


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