A Country Boy can survive

A Country Boy can survive

Did anyone notice it’s been FREEZING COLD?!!!!

I swore, I’d never heat with wood or coal again. It’s so much work and the house gets dirty and etc, and etc.
That was a long time ago , and my wife and I were were first married and lived in the middle of Pike county Indiana, and our nearest neighbor was a half mile away. We had no money, and lived in an old house bordering the State Forrest. We could see it from three different directions. Except for hunting season we pretty much owned thousands of acres of land. I loved it, since I was an avid hunter and outdoors man. It was a dream come true for a young man who lived week to week, and thought the first day of squirrel and deer season were Religious Holidays.
When I first met my wife I could remember her birthday because it was five days before squirrel season began. That’s the truth. She was also the first girl I had ever dated, who went hunting with me and would even shoot a shotgun. Do you see why I fell in love with her?
It had nothing to do with her beautiful green eyes and long blonde hair and hourglass figure. No really it didn’t.
Now I’m lying and changing the subject. For men; the subject always seems to migrate in a certain direction. It takes so much concentration and self discipline for a man to be civilized. I really don’t know how you women accomplished it.
I’m trying to be civilized, but I keep having flashbacks to sixty thousand years ago.
Now it’s years later, and we don’t live week to week. We have a very comfortable life and I am semi retired. You would think at one hundred and sixty four years old total retirement would be the case, especially since the economy is thriving and the recession is over. RIGHT!!
The truth is I don’t work much anymore. Just enough to keep a couple businesses alive
and to pay the heating bill.
It all started a few years ago when we had a horrific January cold wave caused by Global warming. You know. Kind of like this year now that I think about it.
We lost our power for seven days, and everyone on our street fled except my tough country girl wife and her one hundred sixty four year old husband.
By fall we had a wood stove installed in the beautiful fireplace we swore we would never use when we bought the house.
I did the work myself with the help of one of my best camping and fishing buddies.
The wood in the picture comes from a saw mill in Pike County. It’s white oak and burns great. We couldn’t get it without the truck.
Like another of my oldest and best buddies said; ” A Country boy without a truck is like a Cowboy without a horse.

Stay warm


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