Brain Test Number Two


Which do you like best? Is it Sunrise Or Sunset?

There’s no wrong answer. It just shows how your brain works.



4 comments on “Brain Test Number Two

  1. niasunset says:

    “Sunset and sunrise” they are both so beautiful and I am in love with these moments of life… Can’t chose, they are both. 🙂 Thank you, love, nia (so in this point, what means? How does it work my brain 🙂 )


    • luckyoldman says:

      It’s mostly for fun, although when you see something your brain tries to give it purpose and meaning. We all see things differently. Some of the differences are innate and some from life experiences. Some of this we are conscience of, and some of it we are not.
      I came upon this post idea as a way to get people’s attention. It works, so I decided to make a series of “Brain Test” posts from time to time. There seems to be no end to the contrasts in the world. When I see something I like I will use it.
      You will notice that sometimes you like one better than the other. Other times you like them both. It’s not scientific, but it works.
      Thanks for looking.
      I love your work.
      Sorry about the long answer, but hey… you tested my brain.


  2. niasunset says:

    You are amazing 🙂 and I loved this idea, so creative for a posting activity. Thank you once again, have a nice day, with my love, nia


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