New Doggie In Town

New Doggie  In Town

This is Dixie.
Uschi and I went for our regular mid morning walk down the dead end street where we live yesterday. We always do this after some chores and some play and and some training.

As we approached the last house on our short little street, I heard a young woman’s voice that I recognized yelling,” Uschi! Uschi!

People always ignore me when I’m out with Uschi. They fawn all over her, but me …oh no. It’s like I’m not even there. It reminds me of when I entered my forties and became invisible to teenage girls. What am I? Maybe her butler or pooper scooper or one of her subjects?

At any rate; scampering out of the house comes our neighbor calling out, ” We got our
new puppy!” We got our new puppy!”

At first I didn’t even see the cute little pup all cuddled up in her new mom’s arms. When I did it was love at first sight.
After much excitement and introductions we learned that she is a Goldendoodle. She is eight weeks old and they just adopted her the day before.

Her father is a standard sized Golden Retriever and her mother is a mid sized Poodle. She is as sweet as can be and very smart. She has beautiful highlights, and I think they found a very good new friend.

One thing for sure is there was love oozing all over the place, and this puppy is blessed with a wonderful new home.

Uschi has a new friend, and our neighborhood is better than before.

Thank God for doggies.


2 comments on “New Doggie In Town

  1. niasunset says:

    “Uschi has a new friend, and our neighborhood is better than before.”

    how beautiful expression and how great meaning hides in there. Thanks and Love, nia


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