The Honey Tree

The Honey Tree

The wind outside is twenty miles per hour, and the gusts are between thirty and forty miles per hour. Thank God, or Isis ,or the Sun, or whatever your belief system is, that it’s not like that inside.
Well, maybe you’re not ready, but we are. The wood is stacked high  and the food is stored safely and dry. Is that a Christmas poem?
We have lots of batteries and lamp oil. Whatever happened to kersosene for lamps. That’s what we used when I was a kid. Did they just change the name so they could charge more? We have a kerosene heater too, that will heat much of the house. If I put that kerosene in the lamps will an explosion occur? Should I run out and buy some florescent heaters that require a Hazmat team to dispose of properly.  Your old lights are illegal according to federal law. I kid you not.
Just kidding about the florescent heaters though. Home Depot is all out of them. They did have some of those Hazmat suits though. They seemed quite warm and waterproof, so I picked up a few dozen, to sell on the black market in case this storm is as bad as they predict. I love money laundering.
I was going to try to use a warm looking picture, and a story about harvesting honey from a beech tree to make you feel better on such a night as this.
Tonight the expected lows are about eight below zero, and the high for tomorrow is projected at two below. That seems cold to me.

I’ll save the story about the bee tree and a warm fall day for another time.


credit to wikopedia for the photograph


2 comments on “The Honey Tree

  1. solarbeez says:

    Is there a bee hive in that tree? You ‘hooked’ me by using the tree photo. Nice shot.


    • luckyoldman says:

      No hive that I am aware of. I take most of my own pics, but this one I borrowed.
      I was going to tell a true story about harvesting wild honey long ago, but got carried away with the weather thing. I’ll have to bee…sure and complete that original memory just for you.
      Thanks and stay warm.


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