Inchcolm Island

Scotland 10-11 Randy 214Inchcolm Island

This an Augustine Abbey In the Firth of Forth, which is an inlet from the North Sea just a few miles from Edinburgh Scotland. The island on which it is built is roughly twenty acres, and of great historical significance.
There is proof of the presence of Christianity for nearly sixteen hundred years.
The name of the island comes from The Scottish Gaelic ” Innis Choluim”, possibly meaning Columba’s Island. I got this last sentence from Wikipedia for disclosures sake, although I have visited the island twice and all photography is original. I have also read much more than could ever be included here.
As you can see, it is breathtakingly beautiful, even on a cold windy day.
There are stone ruins that date back to the dark ages.

Scotland 10-11 Randy 204

St. Columba himself is believed to have visited the Island in the sixth century. It wasn’t named after him, until around the twelfth century.
What took so long, and who kept track of all this stuff? And isn’t the name of the island redundant. If Inch meant island, then why is it called Island of Columba’s Island?
Since most people couldn’t read or write, or keep up with all the changes of reading and writing for sixteen hundred years, maybe I should cut them a little slack.

The truth is, the Abbey remains the most well preserved Monastic building in Scotland and St. Columba brought Christianity to those pesky northern Pictish Kingdoms. Shakespeare even mentioned it in Macbeth.

” That now Sweno the Norwayes King craves composition
Non would deign him burial of all his men
Till he dispersed at St Saint Colmes
Ten thousand Dollars,to our general use.”

Some of the most beautiful Sea Glass in the world can be harvested from that beach.


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