Just Bee-Cause

Em's New Flat 9-12 @ more 018

These beautiful flowers are growing in “The Edinburgh Botanical Gardens” in Edinburgh Scotland. I don’t know what they are, but they have long stems, with dozens of those purple blooms that are shaped somewhat like bells. When viewed in a photo like this, separated from their surroundings, they remind me of a forest of flowers. They were among the most beautiful sights I saw all day.
Sometimes I have a knack for stumbling upon interesting discoveries in a casual manner.
O.K. so that’s serendipity. I could have saved so much typing, but then I would have missed the opportunity to brag a little.
Pretty much dead center you can make out a bee doing his thing. In the far upper right corner another is also busy.
Noticing the bees led to the next photo.

Em's New Flat 9-12 @ more 019

I didn’t realize it then, but looking at these pictures now, these bees remind me of us humans in so many ways.
Where in the world did they come from? Did they hatch or something like that from the ground or near by trees or even in the ruins of last years crop of flowers? Did the season with it’s temperatures and humidity entice them to morph into
such beautiful and useful creatures? Did the arrival of these particular flowers spur them into action?
How big is they’re world really? Is it just this flower garden or do they know about yummy things on the perimeter. Maybe they don’t even know there is a perimeter. Perhaps they aren’t aware of the Solar System or the Universe or that there is an infinitesimal chance that there could be other bees out there like them or at least similar.
We think they know nothing ,but survive on sheer instinct. They have been on this planet longer than we have, yet we think we are the smart ones.
My one hundred and sixty four year old dictionary says this.
Smart… sharp stinging pain: pain of grief; hurt feelings: to feel such a pain: to be punished { with or for}. Secondary definitions are;Clever: active: shrewd: trim, well dressed, fashionable; to make more spruce.
Wow; who are the smart ones here?
They wake up every morning looking that beautiful, while I have to shave and shower and dress, and shop for clothes etc. I had to walk two miles that morning, then ride a bus for twenty minutes and hike around for well more than an hour just to happen upon them already in their element, and not giving a damn whether anyone showed up or not.
I bring all this up, just Bee-Cause.


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