Are you going to believe what you’ve been told most of your life, or what you see before your eyes?
As children we all saw the drawings and paintings and animated movies about Unicorns. Then as we grew older, we learned that many stories we were told in those tender years just weren’t so.
Santa Clause became dicey. I still believe in him.
The Easter Bunny became a little hard to buy.
Halloween: now what’s that all about. Some pagan ritual we were told.
What about the Tooth Fairy? We pretended, because like Santa we got stuff for free if we played dumb.
I too doubted. Then one day I took a walk with my camera hoping to get some good nature shots. I happened upon a seldom used path and walked right upon on this guy.
Well now; is he a guy or a gal? How does all that work out with Unicorns? Also is there only one? If not; shouldn’t they be called MultiCorns?
There he was anyway, looking right at me with that frozen but noble look on his face.
We stared at each other for a moment or two and then he hopped upon that pedastel as if he’d done it forever. Forever: what a thought.
He posed proudly with that big old thing that looked like a plaque or reward he had received for some unknown but apparently very important reason. It was amazing how still he sat while I took pictures from every angle I could. It was almost as if he was chiseled from stone. Perhaps I happened upon the only Unicorn Mime in the world.
I wanted to ask about his horn, that looked more like rebar than the cow calcium type one would expect.
Also his beard looked so goat like that I wondered if there might be one in his wood pile. Maybe that should be brush pile. Myth and genetics and stuff is so confusing.
His blue face makeup made we wonder if, he was an extra in Braveheart. You must admit he looks familiar.
I tuned away for just minute or so to change the film in my digital camera and when I looked back he was gone. Even the pedestal was missing, and only a seldom used path through the woods remained. I would have thought I was hallucinating or something, but once my digital film was developed I realized that it really happened.
After all; are you going to believe what you’ve been told or your own eyes?
There are Unicorns.
Now I’m excited about my Bigfoot search. Tomorrow will be spent researching
night vision stuff and motion detector cameras and those green light thingys.
Does anyone know how much duct tape I may need?


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