Little Bear does Destin

Little Bear does Destin

This an outlawed dog on an outlawed beach.
When we first arrived in Destin, We saw dozens of dogs on the beach, even though my research had shown county law did not allow this. After a couple days we came up with a plan. We would go at sunrise when, few people were around and photos of the sunrise were optimum. This worked perfectly, and allowed for privacy and tranquility and exercise opportunity for all.
The evenings were different, since the day folk were still lingering with their children, and all sorts of belongings, and out law dogs.
We were hesitant at first, but soon noticed that when they saw a large German Shepherd Dog approaching, calmly under the control of a man with a Marine haircut, they all broke ranks and picked up their dogs and kept their distance, and many began to leave.
Did they think we were there to patrol for the law breaking likes of them, or were they just afraid of what a vicious ” Police Dog” might do?
None of them seemed to notice, that the dog’s handler was a bit past the age that most law officers were still operating or perhaps they thought I was a retired old fogy, who was now on light duty to track down dangerous tourists such as them selves caught red handed.
Whatever the reason they scattered in time, and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves and that’s when this picture was taken.
Little Bear was locked on a Pelican or something, I really like it when she gets that look. You don’t have teach her she just does it.
More on the vacation later when I get permission from wife to write about her escapades. I’m certain she won’t allow a picture. That’s o.k. I’m not to crazy about pics of my self either.


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