Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat

This is Arthur’s Seat. It is a volcanic rock formation on the south east side of Edinburgh , Scotland.
If you climb up and over the center , and then back down , you will find the ” Cottage on a Loch ” , I wrote about yesterday.
It gets it’s name from the high part on the left. If it is seen from closer , it looks quite like a throne , and large enough to serve as a seat for the legend of Arthur , that has grown as large as the rock ,or perhaps larger.

I chose this shot , because it is taken at a place on the edge of the campus of the University of Edinburgh , and very near , what is called “The Old Town”. While the University was formed in 1587 ,
the Old Town is mostly Victorian , and before that mainly agricultural.
Urban sprawl is not a new thing.
The field you see is called , ” The Meadows”, and is much used for all kinds of activities. It was difficult to find an angle where the city of roughly one half million , did not block the view. This place is so amazing that it can be done.
You may notice in the upper left a modern looking structure. That is the new Scottish Parliament. Outside those buildings is where I found the “Old Scottish sayings , etched in stone ” , from earlier postings.
Those etchings are beautiful as you have seen , but the new Parliament buildings are angular , metallic , and like a scar on the hundreds of years of magnificent architecture that fill this city.
It does not escape me,that incredibly beautiful Churches , with wonderful lines and carvings scattered everywhere , sit empty ,or are used in secular ways.
There is nothing wrong with using beautiful buildings for other reasons than their original intent. What is wrong though , is the brain synapses of people who give up ,or turn their back on a culture , that intertwined faith , tradition , hard work and replaced it with a government decision making process instead of personal accountability, The result is ugly , sharp , cold looking buildings , that reflect a different way of seeing the world. Slow down. What you build in haste won’t help , but will harm. That’s why it looks like it doesn’t belong.
Look up and see what lasts.
Long after your buildings have rusted , and been torn down , because they are just misguided fads at best, Arthur’s Seat will still look down , and still be beautiful, and still spawn legends.
Arthur’s seat will still be there to reveal what is real.


One comment on “Arthur’s Seat

  1. luckyoldman says:

    Thanks Rachel.
    I would write more , but I too need my afternoon nap.


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