Cottage on a Loch

Cottage on a Loch

While visiting my daughter in Edinburgh Scotland , I took the hard way up , on a steep ,long hike. Exhilarated and near exhaustion and dehydration , I did what anyone who enjoys embellishing his accomplishments does. It was the easy way down I chose.
My reward was this amazing scene. A cottage that seemed to be Victorian ; but who can say in Edinburgh?
Just to the right of it is a Golf course , that I also got good photos of , but let’s save that for another time , when we can make non Scottish golfers squirm with envy or idolatry or what ever effect Scotland has on them.
This cottage was made of stone of some sort , covered with at least twelve thousands coats of what I will call paint. It seems like every old building in this city where much of the Enlightenment was born , has about that much paint.
The tranquility of the cottage with it own little dock for mooring ,and the beautiful loch ,and all the greenery is nearly impossible to describe.
Oh ,wait a minute ; The photograph says it all.
A picture really is worth a thousand words , even if it’s just a cottage on a loch.


2 comments on “Cottage on a Loch

  1. niasunset says:

    I almost agree with your thoughs in here… This is a great view and photograph. Thank you, love, nia


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