Fallen Leaves

 This morning as Little Bear and I braved the nineteen degree cold , a noticeable change had ,and was taking place outside.

The trees were no longer hesitant about giving into the inevitable coming of winter. They were seemingly resigned to sacrificing their leaves , so that nature could do with them whatever she will.

  In our back yard the grass was completely covered , with browns , and yellows , and reds , and colors I can’t describe. The Tulip Poplar tree was raining leaves as big as a large man’s hands all morning. There was just enough breeze to help them fall in a way that was so like a beautiful snowfall , or some very special rain that comes along from time to time.  By noon or so it was over. Leaves still fell , but it was back to the trickle , that has been happening since autumn began

 That moment in time was over. The sun was bright , and since it was no longer hidden by the leaves , which until recently had diffused it’s position somewhat , it was heading south.

  We can now see parts of our neighbor’s homes across the small valley that we all share , but sometimes forget all summer long. Most of us have moved here for that very reason. It’s like living in our own private forest. We’ll I’ll be; we do live in our own private forest.

  The Squirrels were running around like crazy, Do Squirrels run any other way?


After the walk and some play, it was time to gather wood , to fend off the coming cold. I filled the wheel barrel , and headed toward the pile I always keep ready in a dry spot for cutting into different sizes. Just then I thought I smelled poop. I looked around and didn’t see anything. Then I noticed a large leaf stuck on my boot. When I reached down to pull off the leaf , I pulled off a lot more than I expected. Somewhere in my travels I stepped in a pile. Using the leaf I removed as much as I could , but in the process got some on my hands. Now I am trying to use the leaves to clean my hand and my boot. You can probably guess how well that all worked out.

Now I know what nature had in plan for those particular leaves.

Thank God for fallen leaves.


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