Deer season and the Dark Ages

It’s late fall now , and deer hunting season is beginning,

  I think of this ; why?

  Because I just heard a a shotgun go off , and it’s one and a half hours after dark. That’s illegal , pretty  much everywhere. It’s so dangerous , and it’s really a stupid way to hunt , since you can’t see what to shoot. 

  It was a twelve gauge shotgun. I’ve known that sound , since before I can remember. I was taught by my Grandfather, Father, Uncles , and older cousins. It doesn’t sound like a firecracker at all.

  Those dead relatives deserve to have their descriptions capitalized no matter what the rules of grammar.

  A firecracker projects it’s sound upwards , while a firearm will send the sound across the horizon , echoing through this valley where we live.

  I could call the law , but there’s no use. We live a stones throw inside the city , in sight of the county line.

 These city boy , wannabe hunters will be gone in moments , off to a fast food joint , or some bar somewhere. Maybe they came from a bar and that’s why they behave like fools. I doubt it. I’ve seen too many camoflauged buffoons , who don’t know where they are , or how to do what they are trying to do. No real men to teach them I suspect.
I lost the will to kill years ago.
God has a strange sense of humor. My eyesight began to fade about that same time. It’s really hard to line up that front sight and back sight with progressive lenses. Don’t get me wrong ; I can still hit you with any long gun from quite a distance. It’s just harder , and I don’t want to.
It’s good to have those skills, but I hope I don’t have to use them.
Of course, I did get one of those letters saying, “Because of the unaffordable care act your health insurance policy will not be available next year , according to the new law”. All my research for alternatives show higher prices , higher deductibles and less coverage. At this rate I may not be able to afford coverage. If I have to give up food to pay for health insurance , I may be poaching after dark this next time year.
Now I see how the Dark Ages began.
It’s a bow , that will bring the meat next winter , if it comes to that. There will, be no sound. When they ask me anything about it , I won’t know a thing. Shoot: pun intended, I was down at the Bar. Just ask my friends. They all saw me. Some of them even saw two of me.


One comment on “Deer season and the Dark Ages

  1. luckyoldman says:

    Thanks for looking. Wow! You are an outdoors man and a musician.
    So am I.
    I’ll be keeping an eye on you through my NSA blog.
    Keep up the music.
    Lucky Old Man


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