A Will Rogers Q…

A Will Rogers Quote

” Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘  nice doggie , nice doggie’ untill you can find a rock.”


I love the work of Will Rogers. He’s one of the greatest Americans of all time. I should say one of the greatest well known Americans of all time , since we probably never really heard of the truly greatest. There are so many , just living their lives they way they see fit that never get noticed. That’s certainly a disappointment for some , while others don’t dwell on it at all.

Back to Will though: he was an entertainer ,  a man of humor, a philosopher an actor, a master of political satire and so much more. 

  I think he even helped to define , what it means to be an American.

  This a great quote , but he missed one thing. He may have not known about , ” The Human nature of male dogs” theorem.

  If he had ever seen a large German Shepherd , cover a half an acre of ground in a few seconds , leap into the air at full speed , and grab a large full grown man while still air bound , and throw him on the ground like a rag doll , while maintaining a bite hold , five pounds on average stronger than a Pit bull, then he may have rephrased his quote.

  Little Bear won’t be intimidated by a rock of any size.
Wag more , bark less , but don’t throw rocks at me.
I might just show my teeth.

That’s just, ” The Human nature of male dogs”.

Are there enough commas in there?
How well do you expect a dog to write?


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