An old Scottish saying

An old Scottish saying

Little Bear and I went for our early morning walk today ,and found it to be a quite chilly morning. I was pleased with myself for bringing a sock hat ,and some thin cotton gloves , for the first time since last spring.
We awoke later than usual, since I fell asleep on the couch last night, after a long days work. The blessing was the sun , creeping over the horizon and we; perhaps I should say I, could see where we were going. I’m pretty sure Little Bear knows what’s out there , be it light or dark. Of course her senses are always on full alert ; while when I first wake up , stagger down the road like a drunk.
The hat and gloves jumped out of my jacket soon after leaving the door. The difference in my comfort was immediate and , I began to focus much better. The drunk was becoming sober.
Bowser was chewing on Elm saplings as we walked, That’s one of her favorite activities anytime she’s out doors. We Have no Elm trees growing inside? What’s on those leaves that she craves? I’m going to have to Google that.
She got me to looking at the changes of Fall, and particularly the colors of the leaves.
As a life long outdoors man, I’m sharper than your average Little Bear , and began to look at the changes in all the trees. Not just trees, but the bushes, flowers, and everything.
The persimmons trees are turning slightly yellow but hanging on well ; except for the fruit which is plentiful this year and if you look closely deer droppings will be near.
Ash trees seem to be turning yellow and dropping at the same time. Tulip Polar trees are half and half, yellow and green but, not really falling in a hurry. Dogwoods are holding to green, according to the light and weather direction, while still wanting to turn that beautiful burgundy red that looks so wonderful from far away. They like to grow on the edge of woods, where they can get that extra sunlight that gives them stunning blossoms in the spring , and yet allows them to use the fall sun to create that red in autumn.
I can’t cover every plant in one blog , but you can tell it was a wonderful walk.
Heck, Little Bear even did her business before we got home.
Now it’s time to throw the Jolly ball. It’s really made for horses , but Little Bear handles it easily. I throw it up and down the hill behind our house a thousand times. She doesn’t ever seem to get tired before I do; which is weird because she’s the one doing all the running.
When shes slows down at all , I take it as a sign it’s time for me to chop some wood. It’s supposed to be 32 degrees come this Thursday night, and a good warm wood stove will be quite pleasant, and the energy company can stick it.
My back hurts so it’s time to stop. I’m looking at the dead wood piled up , and thinking about the live trees I’ve told you about, and the legal fact , that I have paid off this house and all this property.
Just then , a recollection of an old Scottish saying, engraved in stone, outside the Parliament buildings in Edinburgh Scotland Came to my mind. You can read it above in two different languages , if you are bilingual , or lived five hundred years ago , or however that works out for you.
I don’t own this property, Though I’ve paid dearly for it.
It is by the grace of our creator, that my family gets to use this , tend to it, or, however you want to explain it. Yes we live here and survive and enjoy this place but, how and why can never really be understood.
And I thought we were just taking a poop walk.

Lucky old man


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