This is Little Bear!

This is Little Bear!

I must confess, Little Bear is not a male at all. She’s also not so little, as you can see. Actually that’s not even the name she goes by.
Perhaps this makes me a big fat liar, except I am not fat or big.
More on her name at a later time. It requires multiple languages and the history of language and fancy stuff like that. I should stay away from that if I can, since anyone paying attention at all, knows I can hardly write English, let alone other languages.
But I do digress.
Part of the inspiration for my starting to write again comes from Little Bear. She teaches me so many things everyday. Things like, I hate to get up early sometimes, and poop really stinks.
She teaches me good stuff too. There’s the irony that humans think they know what they are doing so many times when they certainly do not. There’s another John Locke quote I should slip in here, but I’d best let that go for now.
A very good example of what I mean is how I think I am getting better all the time at training her. The truth is she is getting better at training me. Also my thinking that, I know what she’s thinking. She may not be thinking about anything at all. I’ll never know since she’s smarter than me. Like I had to tell you that.
There are things I worry about every day, that she doesn’t concern herself with at all. Things like where does the comma go or should there be a colon there, or did I even spell colon correctly.
She finds ways to tell me, ” Lets go for a walk, get a cold drink of water and lay down for a while”.
All three of those ideas are better than anything I’ve come up with all day.
Alrighty then, see you after the nap. I must need one, judging from they way I’m writing.

Wag more and bark less



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